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NOTE: The modules contained in the zip files on the right-hand side of this page should be extracted to the desktop of your computer. You can then select one or more files in those folders you wish to import into your e-Sword X.
e-Sword X, a native version of e-Sword, was introduced in March 2015. This version of e-Sword now provides Apple computer owners the opportunity to download e-Sword directly to their computers without the aid of third-party software.
Psa 53:2
God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God.
e-Sword Modules for Seventh-day Adventists
    God has given to His people the choicest reading matter. Let the Word of God find a place in every room in the house. Keep the Bible, the bread of life, in plain sight.
{My Life Today, 89.2}
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Open the module folder and select one or modules to import. Click "Open" to import.
After the modules are installed, locate them in your e-Sword via the various drop-down windows for Commentaries and Dictionaries. If installed correctly, you will see either their abbreviations (Commentaries) or full name (Dictionaries).

The modules provided on this page were converted by the e-Sword to Apple Module Converter. This converter makes modules originally created for the personal computer compatible with Apple computers.
e-Sword X must be first purchased via the iTunes store, then installed. Follow the directions on the iTunes/e-Sword page. Sharpening the Sword does not provide any technical advice for downloading, installing, or using e-Sword X.
Before installing e-Sword on your Apple computer, it is very important to make certain that you update your computer to the version of the iOS recommended for e-Sword X so it will work correctly. Click on the "e-Sword for Apple Links" on bottom right and follow the path to the iTunes/e-Sword X page to obtain that information.
Once the zip files on this page have been extracted to your desktop, the modules they contain may be imported to e-Sword by following this pathway: Open e-Sword. Click on: File / Resources / Import. Locate the folder you downloaded that contain modules for e-Sword X.
The modules on this page are compatible with the iPad, but Sharpening the Sword no longer provides instruction for installing them to that device.
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