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Proverbs 30:5
Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him.
COMMENTARY MODULES (.cmtx): Every Scripture text contained in each chapter of the titles in each module is linked to the e-Sword Commentary tab of those titles. For example, when you click on the Bible verse, John 3:16, in the Bible window, all the E. G. White book titles that have chapters containing that verse will display an "I" on that book's tab in the Commentary window. Click on those active tabs to read the complete chapter.
DICTIONARY MODULES (.dctx): Compilations from the writings of Ellen G. White bring together pertinent quotations on specific topics. The key words in the paragraph headings and article titles are alphabetized for convenient study. Double-click on any word in any of the other three windows (example: "faith"), and Dictionary tabs will display a blue "I" where "faith" is the first word in a paragraph heading or article title.
REFERENCE LIBRARY MODULES (.refx): Reference modules are a convenient way to view third-party material as you prepare your study materials in your Topic Notes (.topx) module. The copy/paste, highlighting, search functions make the Reference Library a valuable research tool. Chapters and subheadings are also presented sequentially so you can read these Reference modules as you would a book. To view in e-Sword, click on the picture icon on the toolbar at the top of your e-Sword screen (illustrated below right). Then click on the drop-down window at the top of the Reference window and select the desired title.

Conflict of the Ages:
     v1-Patriarchs & Prophets
     v2-Prophets & Kings
     v3-Desire of Ages
     v4-Acts of the Apostles
     v5-Great Controversy
     v6-Christ's Object Lessons
     v7-Thoughts fr Mt of Blessing
    Adventist Home
    Child Guidance
    Christian Service
    Christian Temp & Bible Hygiene
    Counsels for the Church
    Counsels on Diet & Foods
    Counsels on Health
    Counsels on Stewardship
    Daughters of God
    Early Writings
    Fundamentals of Chr. Ed.
     Gospel Workers
     Health Food Ministry
     Healthful Living
     Last Day Events
     Messages to Young People
     Mind, Char, & Pers, v1-2
     Ministry of Healing
     Sanctified Life
     Selected Messages, v1-2-3
     Sketches from the Life of Paul
     Special Testimonies on Education
     Steps to Christ

Journal Articles:
     Signs of the Times
     Review & Herald - 1851-1897
     Review & Herald - 1898-1915
     Youth's Instructor
Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 1-9
     Story of Redemption
     Testimony Studies on Diet & Foods
     The Truth About Angels
     The Voice in Speech and Song
      Welfare Ministry
The following titles are used for these modules:
e-Sword Modules for Seventh-day Adventists

If the mind is set to the task of studying the Bible for information, the reasoning faculties will be improved. Under study of the Scriptures the mind expands, and becomes more evenly balanced than if occupied in obtaining general information from the books that are used which have no connection with the Bible. No knowledge is so firm, so consistent and far-reaching, as that obtained from a study of the word of God.
{Review & Herald, Feb 25, 1896}
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