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Freely ye have received, freely give...
Deuternomy 11:8
Therefore shall ye lay up these my words, in your heart and in your soul.
Mission statement: Project Restore exists to proclaim the love and justice of God in the setting of the cosmic conflict between good and evil. The resources put into our hands are used to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage people to become His disciples. Further we call His followers to ever higher standards of conduct to please and bring glory to Him, which also rewards His followers with a more abundant life.

Project Restore
e-Sword Modules for Seventh-day Adventists
I would impress upon all the fact that a casual reading of the Scriptures is not enough. We must search, and this means the doing of all the word implies. As the miner eagerly explores the earth to discover its veins of gold, so you are to explore the word of God for the hidden treasure that Satan has so long sought to hide from man.
{Fundamentals of Christian Education, 307.2}
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1. The SOMEONE CARES Bible Studies series contains 26 study guides. This module begins with a study on the authority of the Bible and continues with studies on many of its major teachings. The later studies build on the earlier ones. The later guides deal with teachings that are especially relevant to our day.

2. THE WORD MADE SIMPLE - This module contains over 35 evangelistic crusade outlines, Bible studies, and groups of texts. This module can guide you in marking your Bible. Anyone can give Bible studies by using this easy chain reference method.

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