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Freely ye have received, freely give...
Deuternomy 11:8
Therefore shall ye lay up these my words, in your heart and in your soul.
After earning a master’s in religion along with his medical degree, Kenneth Hart spent five years at Mwami Adventist Hospital.. He then completed a master’s in public health at Johns Hopkins University before becoming the medical director for Tanzania Adventist Health Services, where he spent seven years organizing the rural clinics into a profitable organization.

After completing a public health residency in preventive medicine at Loma Linda University, Dr. Hart spent four years in Kenya and Uganda. In 1987, he became the medical director of three LLU affiliate clinics in the Social Action Community Health System, where he continues to practice. Dr. Hart also teaches Bible studies and produces two television programs for Loma Linda Broadcasting Network called “A Look Ahead” and “Word Pictures.”
Kenneth W. Hart, MD, MPH
e-Sword Modules for Seventh-day Adventists
We must examine the Scriptures, determined to know what is the truth; and whoever comes to the Bible with a humble, teachable spirit, whether he be rich or poor, honored or despised, shall know of the doctrine as he renders obedience to the rays of light that fall upon his pathway.
{RH March 28, 1912, par. 3 }
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"We, at Theological Crossroads, believe that there is a way to study the Bible that can harmonize the Bible stories and the apparently conflicting views of God. Here, at Theox, there are written study guides for students and teachers to facilitate the study of each book of the Bible. We believe that with these materials you can discover the harmony and experience the peace and contentment that comes from a fresh understanding and knowledge of our loving God. . . . .

"We, at Theological Crossroads Inc., are dedicated to studying this seeming inconsistency. We believe there is a biblical philosophy that can harmonize the Bible stories and the apparently conflicting views of God. We believe that with the material presented here, you too can discover the harmony and experience the peace that comes with such understanding."

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