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Proverbs 7:1
My son, keep my words and store up my commandments with thee.
One of His servants, that's me, Linda Kirk, one who is totally captivated with Him! He is literally my Life! His wonderful Word, the Holy Bible, has become my greatest treasure. I'm not just talking about a book. I'm talking about precious promises and powerful principles that have become a part of me. Wordkeeping has become my highest delight.

How good God is to give us His Word. Without the hope, the guidance, the power, the wisdom in its pages, I know my life would be a wreck. How many times God's Word has kept me from making foolish decisions!

I have no fancy credentials, except the anointing of the Spirit. My desire is that you will come to appreciate the Word of God as I do.
Linda Kirk
e-Sword Modules for Seventh-day Adventists
Let the more important passages of Scripture connected with the lesson be committed to memory, not as a task, but as a privilege. Though at first the memory be defective, it will gain strength by exercise, so that after a time you will delight thus to treasure up the words of truth.
{Counsels for the Church, 207.8}
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21 Days to Spiritual Renewal

How can the Holy Spirit bring to mind what you havenít placed there? 21 Days to Spiritual Renewal will help solve that dilemma. Immerse yourself in the Bible as you read one Wordkeeping chapter a day and then memorize ten easy Scripture texts given for that day.

To view in e-Sword, click on the Reference Library icon at the top of your e-Sword screen (illustrated at right), then click on the drop-down window and select "Wordkeeping-21-Days-to-Renewal".

The pathway for the memory verses is: e-Sword/Tools/Scripture Memory. Go to the drop-down window at the bottom of the Scripture Memory window and select memory verses to study.
For more memorization programs visit www.wordkeeping.com by clicking on the button below:
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Adapted for e-Sword courtesy of Linda Kirk.