Sharpening the Sword
Sharpening the Sword
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Luke 24:45
Then opened He their understanding, that they might understand the Scriptures.
Shirley Babienco
e-Sword Modules for Seventh-day Adventists
The word of the living God is not merely written, but spoken. It is Godís voice speaking to us just as surely as if we could hear it with our ears. If we realized this, with what awe we would open Godís Word, and with what earnestness we would search its pages. The reading of the Scriptures would be regarded as an audience with the Most High. --Ellen G. White -Review & Herald, March 31, 1903
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Shirley Babienco is the creator and developer of the Sharpening the Sword website. She and her husband have two adult children. She is currently a full-time homemaker. She also takes care of three spoiled cats, makes homemade bread, grows a garden, collects vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, knits and sews hats for the homeless, loves Jesus and studies the Bible with e-Sword. She is active in the Hollister Seventh-day Adventist church. Her family has been members there for twenty-four years.
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The modules I post on www.sharpeningthesword.net began as a personal project after my own Bible study was jolted awake when introduced to e-Sword (www.e-sword.net) in 2002 by my pastor Dr. Pierre Steenberg. At that time my work days were long, time was short, and I soon discovered that e-Sword offered a very practical approach to Bible study that fit my commitments God had given me. My relationship with Jesus began to blossom.
But I discovered a problem. I found modules being posted by many denominations that contained their theological understandings--but there was nothing for Seventh-day Adventists. I continued to search the internet for two years in the hope of finding e-Sword modules that contained the Seventh-day Adventist message. There just werenít any.
Finally, I decided to explore making my own modules. After a couple of years of incredible blessing, I was studying the Sabbath School lesson, doing personal Bible study and research with Spirit of Prophecy material, developing Bible study lessons within e-Sword--and with a quality and efficiency of time that fit my days. The spiritual blessing continued to grow and I thought, if I'm experiencing this, wouldn't other e-Sword users? My idea became a passion to provide Seventh-day Adventist faith-based modules for e-Sword. There is a huge congregation of e-Sword users worldwide of all faiths and backgrounds (e-Sword has been downloaded 30 million times plus) and if ever there was a field for sharing Bible truths, this was it.
So in October 2009, Sharpening the Sword website was launched from my kitchen table and with my pastorís coaching. Also Dr. Brent Hildebrand was an incredible help in developing the module creation and download procedures. In His time, God has put me in touch with the right people in many Seventh-day Adventist organizations that have graciously given permission for me to use some of their material for e-Sword modules. The General Conference Sabbath School Department, Pastor Stephen Bohr, Pastor Doug Batchelor, Dr. Bruce Cameron, Dr. Derek Morris, Dr. Jon Paulien, Dr. Walter Veith, and Dr. Pierre Steenberg have provided excellent material that is now available as e-Sword modules. I am grateful to all the contributors and more humbled to think that God has given me a chance to witness for him in a unique way. I certainly obtained a free computer education!!

I hope that the modules you find on the Sharpening the Sword website provide a real blessing to your e-Sword Bible study and relationship with our Lord Jesus.

May God bless you as you seek for Him -- Shirley Babienco

By Shirley Babienco, Website Developer and Webmistress